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July 31, 2021


SCHP later told News19 that a truck carrying chicken had a relatively small spill on the road which someone apparently mistook for a deceased person.

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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I guess someone was visiting from Flathead county

SCHP listed the cause of death as "accidental spatchcocking".

"He's not dead, he's resting!"

There has to be some weird looking denizens in the Columbia, S.C. area when the police mistake a pile of chicken poop or whatever for a person.

The FIB investigated and declared it a chopped suey-cide.

There are lots of trucks around Columbia carrying crates of live chickens bound for the processing plant. Did live chickens fall in the road and get squashed by traffic? If so, weren’t the feathers a clue? I can’t figure this one out.

Maybe because too many were trying to cross the road at the same time. If the spill were chicken poop maybe they were trying to get to the other slide.

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