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July 29, 2021


Michigan lawmaker reports $221 campaign spending at strip club

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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I guess they didn't spend enough

Hey, if the strippers live in his district, they're constituents, right? So what's the problem? Don't they have the same rights to "constituent service" (nudge nudge wink wink) as the rest of us?

"potential economic projects"
To be fair, stuffing dollar bills falls in this category.

He added that the club had "great lamb chops."
That's a new euphemism I'll have to try next time I'm on the town.

Jewell is a beaut. Reminds me of a misunderstanding which took place last weekend. This past Saturday my truck broke down and mrs. man tom drove the short distance to the location while I waited for a tow truck. At some point the towing company the insurance company had dispatched called mrs. man tom's phone because the insurance company had given them her number.

That conversation went well. The speaker was on. I will describe the highlights here.

She says, "that's right, the car is near that intersection, the car is over the bridge."

The guy at tow truck dispatch, sounding hopeless, "your car went over the bridge?"

I had to take the phone and tell the man the car did not go over the bridge, it broke down near the bridge. He was about to say they didn't have a crane.

Perhaps he was there just to take a pole, you know, get a feel for how the constituents are leaning on current issues. I'm sure he would have bent over backwards to try and garner their imput.

$221 isn't all that much money in a strip joint. I bet his constituents with he was that frugal with *their* money.

Michigan lawmakers are cheap tippers!
-----Michigan strip artist

Hi, I'm babe Lincoln, and I'm about to give you the Gettysburg undress.

He also stated that he only buys Playboy magazines for the articles.

My friend suggested he was meeting with them to "find out about women's issues" - perhaps the cost of "costumes"?

221 Washingtons is a big wad of money. Probably a sound investment, assuming the strippers can vote.

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