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July 28, 2021


Pizza Hut debuts 'streetwear' collection with gold chain, track suit

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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This is what they call "stylish" and "carefully crafted" clothes? Someone has been spending too much time at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Obviously, someone has uncovered a vast hidden cache of merch from the old ShowBiz Pizza Place and is now trying to capitalize by employing a huge upmarketing campaign.

There are certain parts of town you may not want to wander while wearing this stuff.

Now we await Chuck E. Cheese's streetwear offering with bated breath. We can rest assured it will be more "interesting" than what Pizza Hut came up with.

Whataburger has had stuff like this for years. And I have yet to see anybody wearing any of it who didn't work there.

Probably tastes better than their pizza.

@Le Pet: The Chuckster's clothing line will include a set of brass knuckles attached with a piece of string, the way your mom attached your mittens to your snowsuit.

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