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July 28, 2021


A Seattle woman says she was eating a salad she bought from Evergreens when she discovered a dead lizard halfway through eating.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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First to say: Now With Extra Protein!

Better than finding a live lizard.

Ah yes, Sceloporus occidentalis. The species does range into Mexico, so there's no guarantee the salad was domestic. Given the smallish size, there wouldn't be that much meat on one, and the skin is a bit spiny. Probably not all that appetizing, but wouldn't really hurt you. Some folks might like 'em.

She won't be saving 15% on her car insurance.

A saladmander ?

In Miami, if it's an iguana, it's called a winter salad.

Once had a salad served to me in a restaurant that after I ate half of it, I found a large dead praying mantis. They offered me another salad, but for some reason, I was a bit put off to accept.

Perhaps it's just an oddly shaped crouton?

The rest of the story:

Upon closer investigation, the deceased lizard was determined to be a rare, protected species of the California blue-bellied kale lizard. The lizard munching lady was cited for violating the Endangered Species Act and was released on bond until her 2025 trial date.

If the salad had been fresh, it should have been a live lizard.

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