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July 21, 2021


Facebook snafu spells trouble for gardening group

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This trend to censor any wording that could possibly offend anyone in the world needs to stop, especially before Christmas. I can see Santa Claus being busted for saying "Ho, ho ho."

God help us if a rugby team ever takes up gardening as a hobby, as in:"Hookers team up with hoes to get more greens".

This is why I'm not particularly worried about the AI Apocalypse.

"Artificial intelligence." I'm not sure there's any other kind.

Always remember --- computers are STUPID. They can only do what humans program them to do.

Unfortunately, some of the humans who use them are even stupider....

I believe the reason artificial intelligence is so popular is that there is so little of the real thing....

The truth is it's cheaper to hire pre hi schooler than a full trained coder.

(My spell checker won't accept pre hi schooler Sorry)

Do NOT Google:
"Hoe Frozen Parody".
*PG-18* NSFW Bad language.

To be fair, the offending post was an explanation about the best way to clean your dirty hoe.

I recently got behind a motorcyclist who had "Forget Joe and his hoe" written on the back of his shirt. I substituted the original "F" word with "Forget" because it's not suitable for a family blog. I spent the rest of the day wondering what Joe had done. Did he refuse to let the cyclist borrow his hoe so he could do some weeding? Did the cyclist step on the hoe and then get hit in the face with it? I guess I'll never know.

This is going to cause problems with your bottle of rum on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Gardeners on average are a dirty lot.

The English city of Scunthorpe often gets blocked out because of a word seemingly embedded in it.

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