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June 16, 2021


A giant huntsman emerged on the cockpit ceiling of a Cessna and dropped on top of a panicked pilot, just as the single propeller plane was landing at a tiny airfield in the Northern Territory, Australia.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Nerves of steel to land a plane with something like that getting in your face.

Scary enough indeed. But can you imagine being in attendance at this venue expecting to see Looking Glass and experiencing the full frontal frightening image of Alice Cooper standing there before your eyes singing this song. About 40 seconds in, witness the horror.


I know what some of the ladies are thinking.

"He's kind of cute."

No He's not. Just stop.

(“I saw the spider and I just started laughing because I knew it was just a harmless huntsman,” Hancock said.) ...There seems to be some confusion to just how dangerous these creatures are, but on the plus side, as far as we know, no mice were found in the plane. As to what that may imply regarding snakes on the plane I have no idea.

MT - That was a great song. As far as I know it was their only song that ever "charted". They were a jazz combo in a Rock n Roll world.

This site lists Brandy as the #6 rated song of '72.

Song #39 is this song. I mention this song because of a memory I will never forget regarding the song. Many years ago my young daughter and mrs man tom were riding in the car with me driving. The song came on and I started singing out loud in harmony with the song, "You are everything and everything is Poo."

Mrs man tom didn't think it was funny, but my young daughter rolled with laughter and delight.

"Mom, did you hear what dad said?" He said, "you are everything and everything is Poo." Yark, yark, yark, bwhaaaaaaaha, yark, yark yark!"

"Croc jumping"?

Huge spiders on a plane is a laughing matter and later in the day going to a "Croc Jumping" rounds out a perfect day in the Norther Territories.

All of this can be explained except the croc jumping part. When people make a contest out of jumping over ugly shoes the cheese has definitely slid off their cracker.

They're gonna have to up their game if they encounter those spike heeled crocs.

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