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June 30, 2021


The infamous town of F–king was renamed Fugging — and no one noticed

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Phuggk no.

The Effing Song

Well, that's a fugging ridiculous fusterclugg.

Hey, the Effing song, that's Ian Paice on drums. Unmistakable.

Outraged tourists are coming here instead...

Go ahead an compare. Ian Paice on drums.

Same Ian Paice on drums here.

Thailand's King Vajiralongkorn wants to remind everyone not to make fun of Thailand. If you do, you will be taken out back and never seen again. Community policing at work.

When they're not shagging, those friggin Austrians are always ficken something up, it's a blooody shame.

Well forget them.

Fugging Town is maybe 10 kilos from Clusterfug taking Bugger Road. Tourists only visit to see the Effing Forest and enjoy the Fugging wineries. Few people will own up to being Fugging dumb enough to visit the Fugging place so it remains banned from many maps and tourist guides.

I fugging well noticed 6 months ago after reading this: https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/15/village-called-fking-puts-up-new-signs-changing-its-name-to-fugging-13753788/

Better pics than the NYPost but obviously DON'T CLICK THE LINK if you're offended by rude words....

Also I love that the NYPost uses a 'Profanity' filing tag

The name is now a Portmanteau between a f--ing and hugging.

I'm sure they will have to spend just as much on sign replacements as before.

They could save most of that by naming it "Missionary Position".

Or perhaps "Upyours".

Those fugging Austrians have no sense of humour

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