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June 15, 2021


A Batman and Catwoman oral sex scene has been removed from a future DC project as the comic publishers claimed “heroes don’t do that”.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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Superman actually had a sex scene, but not many people noticed it, as he was faster than a speeding bullet.


From SF writer Larry Niven, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex

I'll not post my Bobbin Robbin comment and keep my good name around here unblemished.

“heroes don’t do that”.

That will be news to Captain Stiffie and Wonder Weener.

He just likes to hear her purr & meow, yet somehow that seems to be a decision that should be left to Catwoman.

I am trying mightily to not imagine this scene with Adam West and Julie Newmar.

Wasn't Catwoman a former Girl Scout?

"It’s claimed they thought scene with Catwoman would impact toy sales"

Depends on the toys.

I think that was a premature evaluation.

-Bruce Wayne

Wanderer2575 - Imagine Eartha Kitt singing "I Want To Be Evil" as the sound track.

I'm sure Alfred Pennyworth would only be too happy to get his two licks in as Bruce Wayne's stunt double.

If Catwoman is flexible like my cat she can perform oral sex without needing Batman.


Catwoman saw his Bat Pole?

If it were Batman and Robin, it would have been kept in by the woke folks at DC comics.

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