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June 10, 2021


Thousand-Year-Old Chicken Egg Found Preserved By Human Poo

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I’m sure this would be a hard pass for most of us.

Possibly related...


This is the key ingredient in Kung Pooh Chicken...

This is why you should always chew your food, whoever was just lucky they didn't choke on that thing.

Lad bible is also reporting in North Korea since there is no recorded history dating back 1000 years for proof, the egg is probably just a rock. Kim Jong Un added, with the country's history books beginning in 1953, North Korea refuses to believe that the United States would drop a nuclear bomb on an Asian country.

This has been your North Korean history update.

Elated by this find, the scientists claimed to have found a clutch of older and much larger, possibly reptillian, eggs, some of which appeared to have recently hatched.

Likely due to weather no further communications have been received, but the discovery is expected to be huge.

"Thagetta, if you serve eggs one more time I swear I am going to throw it in the loo!"

Actually, the story below the egg is another titillating tale of the longest preserved poo on record.....which came first, the egg or poop?

She looks way too happy to be holding what she's holding.

So if poo preserves things, the constipated ones should live forever.

Throw away your bubblewrap! We've found something better! It's organic, it's recycled, and it uses no electricity!

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