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June 14, 2021


Florida city accidentally sells its water tower

(Thanks to coscolo and pharmaross)


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As long as the buyer wasn’t looking for something to blow up in connection with a gender reveal party, all should be fine.

Some politicians will try to spin this as a failed effort to increase the tax base & lower your high taxes, while voting themselves a salary increase.

Key Quote: "We just need to be darn sure that it doesn’t happen again."

Accidently selling your city's water tower reminds me of an ancient Chinese proverb. If you hear a dog bark, it's undercooked.

In Brooksville, Florida man Bobby Read
Bought a building to suit his gym need
But the tower of water
was lumped in, but not oughter
The city pleaded and he conceded the deed

Writer's embellishment,

I saw this group live. A friend's brother became the bassist for the group after this LP was released.

The Tower. Notice the third comment down, "saw them 41 years ago at Busch.' Well. So did I.

Writer's embellishment of the embellishment,

Although He is somewhat older and I did not 'hang' with him, I was and still am friend's with his sister.

This is the who's who of Rock n' Roll thread, isn't it?

I wouldn't have deeded the water tower back until the city came up with some cash.

Next: sell City Hall.

Technically, they don't need the water tower, they just need the water inside the tower. Like everything, it's all about the flow.

Bravo, MOTW!


@ MOTW - You are a wordsmith of the highest water!

@ MOTW - Let me rephrase that. What I was trying to say is that you are a wordsmith of the FIRST water. Got my idioms confused.

@ MOTW - What Hatter said!

Yacko, Wacko, and Dot were looking for a new home. Thanks!!!!

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