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June 25, 2021


Aliens in 1,700 star systems could have seen civilization emerge on Earth

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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"The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the Earth Transit Zone."

I never understood why movies depict aliens wanting to visit us. If there is extraterrestrial life that's able to travel the distance, then I bet when teens from other planets go out a-saucerin', their moms tell them "Remember, stay away from Earth. That's a bad neighborhood."

Also, it seems not very many portrayals of aliens show them with hair. I'd like to see one of them roll up to a probe appointment or a cow-vaporizing workshop rocking a duck-butt pompadour or a let-me-speak-to-your-leader 'do.

Then they intercepted broadcasts of " Green Acres ". This is why we haven't seen them yet.

So, I assume they'll be watching me.

- Sting

Sting ...every move you make.

- The Police

(Huge *snork* at AmoebaStampede.)

They still chuckle to themselves when when the use the words Earth & civilization in a sentence.

Total 5*Snork to AmoebaStampede for his insight into aliens. The local ones here in Roswell tell us they visit Earth because it's cheaper than going to Disney World.

How did cable news miss this?

"Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here".

My theory: If there ever was a zombie apocalypse, the poor creatures would starve for lack of finding brains.

Thank you, wanderer2575 and Le Petomane! UFOr sure cheered me up.

They rate Earth as one of the top ten stops in the galaxy for consuming mass quantities of fried chicken embryos & beer. Their top tip for good service is to claim you're from France and then run out on the bill.

I've never understood why people assume aliens are smarter than we are.

Have they been watching the Galaxy Quest historical documents?

This is why they DON'T visit us.

Have we yet found their plans for the hyperspace bypass?

Claim to be from France and then run off with the bill is their best advice for receiving excellent service.

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