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June 21, 2021


42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation

(Thanks to Ralph, The Fourth George, pharmaross and Michael and Camille)


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It seems like a very logical expansion of the olive oil import-export trade, but didn't "Missing Pistachios" open for Bette Midler?


On Facebook, many commenters seemed entertained by the nature of the crime. One seemingly amused commenter wrote, "Good job detectives, I guess you really ‘cracked’ this case. Guy must've been ‘nuts’ to think he could get away with it."

I don't get it. I threw up in my mouth up a little reading the comment, but I was not entertained.

OK bloggers time to show your age, raise your (virtual) hand if you remember when Pistachios had red shells.

https://www.the-sun.com/news/3125001/us-navy-detonates-40000lb-bomb-carrier-triggering-earthquake-florida/ ...They'll never find those pistachios now! We have met the enemy, and he is us. Didn't we all just know that there HAD to be a Florida connection?

That Dick Van Dyke Show episode was originally titled "It May Look Like a Pistachio."

NWTPY: Red shelled pistachios came from Iran, but the shells were mottled, so the die was added to make them more presentable to the Western World (I remember getting caught "red handed" while eating them!).

With the wonderful pistachios which the Correct Coast now produces, we were able to "get the red out."

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