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June 15, 2021


The Girl Scouts have an unusual problem this year: 15 million boxes of unsold cookies.

(Thanks to Roberto and EricY)


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Sell them to Ben&Jerry's where they'll be ground up and mixed into a new flavor called: "Girl Scout cookies & cream, cuz who wouldn't want to eat one"

".. local councils won't be held financially responsible for the 12 million boxes .. the two bakers said they are working with the Girl Scouts to sell or donate cookies to places like food banks and the military."

That is good news: maybe the recruiting offices will use them as incentive:
sign up today and get a free box of cookies.

Send me all the Do-si-dos and nobody will get hurt.

Batman wouldn't.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpzKMr4fJwg Learn sumpin new every day.



Are they made from real Girl Scouts?

Can't say the mints are thin on the ground.

O the humanity!

Texas Dairy Queens have come to the rescue! In the form of the Thin Mint Blizzard.

Not that I didn't do my part when the girls were selling them....

Grub Hub? Cookie booths? Back in my day, we sold cookies door to door after walking uphill both ways in six feet of snow and we liked it.
I'm still upset that they discontinued the Lemon Chalet Creme cookies and replaced them with the Savannah Smiles.

@nc, when we sold the cookies they cost $1/box, too.

One of my favorite memories is seeing a fire truck pull up outside a grocery store that had a Girl Scouts selling cookies. The guys were shopping for their chow hall. The girls were almost swooning as the guys talked to them, teased/ mock argued over their favorite flavor, and then bought about 25 boxes. Wow!

I was a Bluebird, then graduated to being a Camp Fire Girl. (The organization is now known as Camp Fire.)

The CFG fund raiser involved selling candy. I well remember standing in front of a certain bank (rhymes with "Tank of [alternate name for "United States"]) on Saturday mornings, asking customers to buy the boxes of yummy chocolate goodies. Most people were quite nice and would indulge in a couple of boxes. Good memories.

I'm still waiting for an answer to Wednesdays' question.

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