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June 17, 2021


Scientists name frog found in Ecuadorian Andes after Led Zeppelin

(Thanks to doug Ogg)


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So, for how long was Led Zeppelin lost in the Andes, did they know who lost the frog, & did they name it Fred D. Frogg?

So I'm thinking someone is a fan of Misty Mountain Hop from Led Zeppelin IV; released in 1971.


"Ribbit, ribbit"

"Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit"

"Oit, over 'ear mate."

No, no, the song is Black DOG, not Frog.

Actually, I'd be interested to see if the ICZN accepts the species name, as it's not Latinized. They might, since it refers to a proper name. But usually those have to be Latinized in som way.

Zep's amps went to 11. Rock n Roll on the froggy mountain breakdown.

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