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June 23, 2021


How do astronauts do laundry in space?

(Thanks to EricY)


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Why do you think they launched the Tiangong?

From reading the article, it sounds like we should revisit 'Guys and Laundry' written by our dear blog.
" .. the Pile System, wherein you put your dirty undershorts on the floor until they form a waist-high pile, thus subjecting the bottom shorts to intense heat and pressure that causes them to become, over several months, clean enough to wear if you're desperate and spray them with Right Guard brand deodorant."

Since there isn't enough real estate for the Pile System, they jettison their laundry to be burned up in the atmosphere. No one can hear you scream gag in space.

Why no just go naked?
In space no one can see your ****.

The answer depends literally on Depends. Every week or two simply jettison the used Depends into the orbit of that Chinese space station. End of problem.

I always thought space flight was like a camping trip. No one changes clothes until we get back to Earth.

George Jetson always just gave the dirty clothes to Rosie and let her worry about it.

This laundry problem was handled in the old west by miners and trappers forced to winter in remote country. They took off their clothes at night and stood them next to their bunk. If the clothes were still standing the next morning, they used a piece of firewood to beat them flat. Not only were the clothes considered wearable, any critters they were carrying had been flattened or scared off.

This procedure may not work on a space station.

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