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June 24, 2021


Fans Miss Hungary-France Game After Traveling to Bucharest Instead of Budapest

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, who says "No wonder the tickets were so cheap!")


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Always said it was a mistake to change it from Pest-Buda.

In their defense, they thought Budapest was a Bud light infused pesto, but mounting s defense may be a moot point as they immediately surrendered and sought political asylum upon landing in Bucharest.

They lost their reservation at the Grand Budapest Hotel, too.

Send those soccer fans to Washington (Vermont).

You can go your own way.

Some traveling music.

I was at Budapest in 2019. Great place...but needed more time.....

Right Church. Wrong pew.

Right Church. Wrong pew.

At least they were able to get great seats when they walked up to the stadium.

Talk about a home-field advantage! Hiding the game in a completely different country.

BUT WAIT! There's more! This isn't just a normal fuckup. This is a ROYAL fuckup!

3 of the fans actually had plane tickets to Bucharest, the other 3 to Budapest.
They purchased them at the same time, together.

The staff that boarded the passengers and looked at their boarding passes also overlooked that fact.
3 of the passengers literally boarded the wrong plane.
They only found out they were in the wrong city after actually arriving downtown and when they started looking for the exact address of the stadium.

Looks like Europeans are just as bad at geography as Americans.

Those soccer enthusiasts should be sent to New York.

Actually, 3 of the fans had tickets to Bucharest, and the other 3 were bound for Budapest.

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