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June 15, 2021


Did you know that thru-hikers, weekend backpackers and day hikers across the globe shamelessly hit the trails in their birthday suits, hats, hiking boots and backpacks on Hike Naked Day, held on the Summer Solstice, June 21st.


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Tick on the birthday suit filter of your spam blocker.

All the more reason to become expert at identifying poison oak and poison ivy.

BOLO !!!!!

I recall canoeing (not hiking) naked with friends in the Canadian subarctic, but that was because the water was shallow and we were constantly splashing getting in and out of the boats to drag them over shallow spots. It wasn't a special day; it was just warmer to keep our clothes off than wear them wet. Hiking naked doesn't make much sense if you need extra bug spray or suntan lotion. And the trails had better not be grown in with scratchy branches. Hike Naked Day sounds uncomfortable. When is Walk Around the House in Your Underwear Day?

While we are on the subject of receiving messages, by email or phone, I want to share this story. I think this gives you an idea of how my day goes most days.

I take care of an elderly relative's computer by remote control, have been for many years. The other day she mentioned she had her phone number changed because someone named Spam Risk had been calling her phone and she did not know anyone named Spam Risk.

This is absolutely true. You would think she would have taken her own advice and simply put on her tin foil hat, which she suggested several months ago we should all do around here.

Please don't leave a comment directed towards me in the name of Spam Risk. I am in the beginning stages of my development of becoming a paranoid schizophrenic and don't want to mess up my progress.

Thanks in advance, Perhaps some of you have suggestions I could pass along to her with a another problem she keeps mentioning. "Google is stalking me!"

Sounds like a bunch of full moons occurring at sunrise followed by the shortest night.

Or as ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes call the day “All You can Eat Buffett “

I always advise these folks they can obtain a great natural sunscreen by rubbing their skin vigorously with those three-leaf plants over there.

The Native Americans used to smear their skin with bare grease to repel insects. On the plus side, nothing worse than a squeaky bare.

Let me just guess there won't be much of this around here. We have rattlesnakes and copperheads. And they might strike right in the area of....

The bears will love this! No more fiddling with pesky wrappers before you eat lunch.

Hey Boo-boo, pass the pepper spray, this one's a bit salty.


Man Tom: Grab tweezers for a tick on your birthday suit.

Pirateboy - you know I am not from here, CA. As a young stud I spent considerable time hunting and also fishing for that matter. If you have ever been out in a heavily wooded area sniping around for squirrels (I have shot so many squirrels my gun barrel turned red doing so) or deer (yep, I shot Bambi) as well as rabbit, quail, owls, birds, frogs, groundhogs, snakes, anything I could lay my eyes on. I've shot squirrels off my hip. You know an experienced hunter like me, having spent hours in the woods, hunting ridge roads and fields that never end, creeks, mountains rugged snake infested terrain, snow up to my waist...etc., etc., etc....I once found a tick dug into my appendage. No. Yes, that one.

The hikers had become Undun.

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