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June 20, 2021


Manhattan City Council candidate caught with dominatrix in leaked video

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He will just claim gender XX and become a victim.

Wow, a political candidate that comes pre-compromised with sexually explicit and embarrassing video, what WILL they think of next? On the plus side, that's gonna save the shadow USG a lot of work. Jeff Epstein must be rolling in his grave, well, maybe not.

When asked why he was seeing her, he replied "Beats me"

"Councilman Weiner, we'd like to hear your ideas on how to appropriate the excess funds the city has and best put that money to work."

"I'm in talks with my Dungeon Monitor as we speak about leveling the vacant lot next to my proposed site of Dora The Explorer's kids park and expanding that operation to a 24/7 drive thru."

A leader should not be submissive.

Nominative determinism at work again, I see... though I will not violate The Blog's Strict Policy.

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