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June 30, 2021


…one of the basic functions of a free market is quietly practiced by fungi.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Just great. Now we will have Fungi Coins being traded along with Doggy Coins. Next we'll have manure being traded as Crappy Coins. Will this crypto coin madness ever cease?

Typically, fun guys are not usually associated with the concept of being quiet.

Competitive Fungus opened for the Troggs.

Those commodities traders on the floor always did look sort of like mushrooms.

They're running the banks too.

I didn’t like mushrooms at first, but now they’re growing on me.

Being kept in the dark and fed a load of crap, we're all mushrooms now.

Next on TBS: "Keeping up with the Walrasians".

It's a spore choice, I know.

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