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June 16, 2021


A Minnesota man is accused of burning down a 20-foot tall statue of Frankenstein’s monster that sat on his neighbours property.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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I guess the neighbor wasn’t Abby Normal.

Is it just me or recently have an increased number of residents presiding in the state of Minnesota just discovered fire and the profound number of practical applications possible?

Police say that Mr Olsen’s wallet was found at the scene of the arson and that when they searched his home they found clothes similar to that worn by the person in the video, and his shoes smelled of gasoline.

"That's not my wallet. Hey, is there any cash in there? I'm asking for a friend."

In his defense, he may have eaten many crayfish on antidepressants resulting in his taking too many unreasonable risks.

Fire BAD!!

Somebody spiked his water supply with stupid powder.

That statue STOOD not SAT.

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