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June 26, 2021


Tiddlywink stuck up Christchurch woman's nose for 37 years

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Had she been playing pick-up-sticks the injury could have been fatal, but all-in-all not MUCH worse than the covid-swab.

At least she doesn't have a chip on her shoulder.

Thank goodness she wasn't playing lawn darts.

I can visualize a Far Side cartoon where the devil opens a door and says: "Welcome to Hell, you may join the tiddlywinks game now in progress."

One of this Dr.'s patents says, "so."

Jeezuz, MT, with all due respect, where in the HELL is the "Do NOT click here!" warning with that link?

Remember, you can tiddle your wink, but don't wink your tiddler.

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