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June 29, 2021


According to Peter McIndoe, with the Birds Arent Real movement, all birds in the United States were killed by the government and replaced by federal drones.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins) 


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I'm guessing this guy skipped school the day they did those battery experiments in physics class.

Hmmm. If "Birds Arent Real," what about apostrophes?

Hmm...since this started in Springfield, it must be a Bart Simpson prank.

So, more good news, all the supposed "bird droppings" are really just soft-serve, so enjoy!

This could explain why the last duck L' orange I had sent up a shower of sparks and set the tablecloth on fire when I cut into it. Didn't taste bad, however.

Does this go along with the Flat Earth Society?

Recommend sign.

Tippy Hedren's legs are unreal.

No one's addressing the real problem: squirrels.

I suppose “Q” said this.

I’ll put on my foil hat.

we believe that bird poop on cars is liquid tracking apparatus
If this is true then I'll never be able to secretly go anywhere in my car.

I've never seen a happier group of activists. They're going to have to amp up the faux outrage and pseudo-intellectual BS if they want to be taken seriously.

@nursecindy, just where are you secretly going in your car, anyway? Does your dad know about this?

I think nursecindy secretly shops at Target, while her dad is at Walmart.

He sounds like he's 8-miles high.

He clearly has a case of Chirpies. It's a canerial disease.

Le Pet - so you ate The Federal Duck?!?!?!?

I notified FBI.

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