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June 19, 2021


Scientists are teaching drones to hunt down human screams

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Alternately they could be used to find disgruntled fast food works and/or customers.

Someone calling out for help over what was I-5 caused a huge multi flying car collision during a heavier than normal morning commute. People are reminded not to call out for help until flying car manufacturers work out this pesky inconvenience with their latest models.

"This is Les Nessman reporting from the scene of a terrible building collapse that has trapped dozens of innocent souls. I'm getting a communication from the authorities they are deploying those new scream detecting drones. I am told they can silence every sound and focus on---wait, there must be a malfunction in the programing. Those drones are attacking and silencing the people screaming. Oh, the humanity!"


My guess is that they're just gonna find a LOT of prolapsed rectums, and really piss off the aliens.

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