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June 23, 2021


Scientists Have Invented a Straw That Claims to Instantly Cure Hiccups

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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That's really gonna suck.

I started to worry when my spoon started talking to me years ago.

Since most of my hiccups are caused when I shove cold leftover pasta down my throat by the forkful, I am hopeful.

If that straw explodes in your face when you suck on it, this should stop your hiccups and if you are in a public restaurant, provide special police attention as a bonus.

@Jim, you have nothing to worry about unless you talk back to your spoon----I must run, my cigar is ringing. Good luck and have a nice day.

Dr. T: By the way, I noticed that the spoon had the hiccups.

The Devil's cigar is calling.

For generations, mothers have been telling children to drink some water to stop hiccups. Now "scientists" want to claim that it should be drunk through a straw. We don't have enough straws already, no, they invented a 'special' straw. Smph

MOTW, my Mom also swore by drinking water to cure hiccups, but I prefer breathing into a paper bag -- depends on what's readily available. Holding one's breath can do the trick, too.

Well, you gotta feel for the cow cuz if a spoon next to me got the hiccupc I'd jump over the moon too. I hope the spoon learned it's lesson and dumps the dish and hooks up with the straw.

Can you use the straw rectally?

My dad used to use the drinking vinegar method. I tried it once. It worked, probably because the taste was such a shock to the system.

After that, I just preferred to let the hiccups go away by themselves.

This from Ralph's link: "Digital rectal massage was then attempted using a slow circumferential motion. The frequency of hiccups immediately began to slow, with a termination of all hiccups within 30 seconds. There was no recurrence of hiccups during the next 30 minutes and the patient was discharged without further work up" So it just proves that old saw about curing the hiccups proves out. Just scare the crap out of them and the hiccups will stop, but will this work in outer space and do sex robots get the hiccups?

Everybody knows that singing "Home on the Range" over and over will cure the hiccups.

Brings back memories of the time I had to go to the emergency room due to having hiccups so bad, and for more than 24 hours duration, I had completely exhausted myself and could not sleep. I was given medication which worked. To add to my building frustration thinking about it, this afternoon I open a can of fruit cocktail and there was only one cherry included.

One cherry does not a fruitcake make.

My mother's remedy for hiccups. IT WORKS.

1) Put your fingers in your ears tightly
2) Have someone give you a glass of water
3) Sip the water while stopping up your ears.
4) If you don't have someone else, a straw will do as long as you are stopping up your ears.

Apparently, this creates a pressure imbalance that immediately stops the hiccups.

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