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June 10, 2021


Lobsters doused with pot smoke to test pain during cooking

(Thanks to DaninDallas and pharmaross)


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They found that lobsters have a built-in roach clip

Seems like a waste o' pot. Also seems like the researchers might be wasted...a study to determine the lobsters still don't like boiling water after ingesting some smoke?

Somebody has shellfish steamed issues.

I question whether the experiments were really done. This might have just been to get a grant to buy the weed.

TBH, I couldn't feel a thing. Don't know about the lobsters.

Seems like a lot to go through just to make your lobster dinners tax deductible.

Researcher: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does this hurt?

Lobster: ...

This is not what I meant when I ordered the "Smoked Lobster"!

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