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June 28, 2021


Bullshitting Is Actually a Sign of Intelligence, Study Finds


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If a=b, & b=c, the a=c. Therefore: if a=bullshit, b=intelligence, & c=study findings, Then study findings are bullshit.

I would venture that most bloggers on this site have long ago completed their B.S. studies and some have gone on to PhD's (piled higher and deeper).

So this study means the Washington is full of geniuses?

Sorry. I can't abide any study that concludes we are governed by "geniuses".
Such a study would be B.S.

I'm a genous, jeanyous,gen.. really, really smart!

NSFW *PG-18*

Well, what do you know ? I guess I'm going to have to reevaluate my opinion of the New York Times editorial page.

I believe the technical term is "fricken ga-ny-us".

Snork @ nursecindy!

I was perusing around the blog links this afternoon and when I came to I'm not sure how I ended up here on this thread.

David Geffen said he didn’t do well in school, but he found that managing artists rewarded a different set of skills, which he discovered he had: “...namely, the ability to bullshit over the phone.”

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