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June 28, 2021


By locking fat people’s upper and lower jaws together with a tooth-to-tooth metal lock, a team from the Unviersity of Otago and from Leeds (UK), intend to slim those fat people down.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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Duct tape isn't good enough?

Andy Rooney once wrote about a psychology (I guess) experiment where a group of overweight volunteers was asked to keep detailed diaries of everything they ate over a period of some weeks -- what, when, and how much. Everything, including snacks and gluttony. Then for the next same number of weeks, these people were fed exactly what they said they had eaten before. Every one of them lost weight, thus demonstrating they were all freaking liars.

No. Just .. no.

Why say, that sounds like an occlusive seal!

Like it or not, University of Otago people?

We've designed and put to use a few of these in our day.

This demonstration is somewhat complicated for some to comprehend, I'm addressing specifically, for no name for now, and is not for the squeamish, but it highlights the general idea.

man tom--Your dental posts reminds me of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors singing, "I'm a dentist, I LOVE pain..."

I haven't been to visit a dentist for years without remembering that skit.

This is a lot of work just to lose some weight. I had a German mother-in-law once who was visiting make a big pot of neck bone soup. She claimed the necks were from sheep, but I have doubts. The *aroma* drew droves of flies and chased away all of the stray dogs and cats for blocks. One taste gave me a stomach flu that lasted for weeks. On the good side I lost weight and still cast a jaundiced eye to German food and mother-in-laws in general.

It won't work, because you can still drink beer.

A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.

@ pharmaross - I am reminded of the time my husband came back from a business trip to California, bringing me a box of See's...and a can of Slimfast.

@ Mad Hatter - Now that you mention See's, I am going through withdrawal. I had patronized See's stores in Scottsdale and Phoenix when residing in Arizona.

My hometown Detroit chocolatier institution is Sanders. My brother was a former V.P. and Operations Manager for Sanders. Sanders dark chocolate sea salt caramels can be found nationwide at Costco. Yum!!!

One chocolate too many!

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