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June 28, 2021


Just, no.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Can't be any worse than the yuck we see go into the ice cream machine on Chopped.

I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds of that canned reality garbage.

Apparently, the "party punch bowl" is a difficult concept for millenials to grasp, or are they something other than millenials, like maybe aliens?

I was kind of hoping we would see the dog drinking out of the toilet at the end.

This may be a great idea for anyone who either hopes to never host a social gathering again, or simply wants to test whether karma is real.

I like the fact this is usually a How to use your TOILET to make Ice Cream, Candy and Soda Punch Drinks for your party guests - free zone. So everyone just Shut Up. No offense.

Just watching this "reality" garbage is likely a hanging offense in Texas. Actually trying it is definitely a hanging offense.

And some think we have oddballs here in Flathead County?

I think this would be an excellent way to make dessert to serve to certain people.


MOTW you watched about 20 seconds more of that than I did.
She has another video where she shows how to wash your hair in the toilet. One of my ex-friends sent a few of her videos to me.

How to make punch if you just don’t give a s*** about ever seeing your guests again.

If you don't think that this confuses the hell out of the snakes just read about all the rattlers in California.

This needs alcohol added as a disinfectant.

Order the Pu-Pu Platter.

We had a cat that would drink out of the toilet.

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