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June 24, 2021


Motorist Named Booze Arrested For, You Guessed It, Drunk Driving

(Thanks to pharmaross and DaninDallas)


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Immigration made the family americanize its name when it came to this country. It was Schnapps.

Melinda Miralax had no comment.

Water is wet.

Her new last name is "Defendant."

At least her parents had the good sense not to name her Arrested IV.

Well, many surnames have their origins in their bearers' occupations. With that in mind, my wife once had a pediatrician named Slaughter, a surgeon named Tremble, and a gynecologist named Tung. And I swear I am not making this up.

@Rod - I'm sorry to hear that. My kids once had a pediatrician named Dr. Healing. I had an orthopedist named Dr. Pepper. His ringtone was the theme from the Muppet Show (homage to Floyd Pepper).

I feel sorry for her. With that name, what chance did she have?

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