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June 24, 2021


Do not click here.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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C'mon, man! I wish I had a 50% chance of getting it right at my job!

A Tampa doctor did surgery on the wrong testicle, state board finds
“During the procedure, [Fernandez-Crespo] realized that Patient C.F. had consented to a left testicle varicocelectomy,” the complaint said. “[Fernandez-Crespo] then performed a left testicle varicocelectomy.”

He wanted to make it right.

Maybe the state board could make this doctor watch 8 hours of Grover explaining Left and Right.

The urologist could be related to wrong way Corrigan. He was the pilot, who in 1938, set out to fly from New York to California but wound up in Dublin, Ireland instead.

People make mistakes knowing left from right. Anyone who has gone through military basic training knows this.
hey, the urologist could just operate on the surviving testicle for free and call it even.

(C.F.)It's not me.

In recovery, just show the patient the results in the mirror. At first glance everything will appear fine, he can figure out the mistake when the meds wear off.

Was this the same guy who had a swastika tattooed on one of his testicles? If so, he should have mentioned that landmark so there wouldn't be any confusion.

Most people think that all testicles are pretty much the same, but there's a vas deferens.

Wait a minute...so the patient was awake and didn't realize the doctor was marking the WRONG TESTICLE?

Surgeon: It's the left one, right?
Nurse: RIGHT!
Surgeon: Got it!
The rest is history.

I used to get patients ready for knee surgeries. One of the things we'd do before they went to the operating room was to write a big "NO" on the knee that wasn't to be operated on. It sounds dumb but things can get very confusing, very quickly, in an OR. I'm surprised they didn't find a way to mark this guy's jewels so this wouldn't happen.

Dr. Raul Fernandez-Crespo was fined $2,500 and must pay case costs, undergo further education or hearings, and lecture on wrong-site surgeries.

After growing tired of listening to the battery of continued education lectures on wrong-site surgeries, Dr. Raul decided to give up being a Urologist and start his own family practice specializing in giving physical exams.

The AMA issued this statement. "We are pleased to hear Dr. Raul made the decision to discontinue being a Urologist and start his own family practice. It was just a matter of time before someone lost a ball had the Dr. not made the correct decision... this time"

Somewhere I've got an old pair of clackers if he's interested in pursuing implants.

Post surgery Dr. Raul follow-up with wrong testicle patient:

"Dr. Raul, I know you are trying to right the ship so to speak to become a better Urologist by watching countless hours of wrong-side surgery continued education video. I can understand. It happens a lot when surgery is done on anything where two of them is involved. but can I ask you this?"

"Sure, anything?"

"Knowing you, can you refer me to a dentist who has never removed the wrong tooth, and if possible, has never caused the loss of an eye?"

I've had several foot surgeries - they not only mark your foot, but they ask you to confirm that they have marked the right one.

Conversation in the operating room -

“The left testicle?”


After surgery -

“I meant your other left.”

Well, they DO all look alike.

Very usefull! Thanks

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