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June 27, 2021


Guinness World Record for tallest ever M&M tower smashed by Solihull engineer

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Resume enhancement material

Why are Solhil engineers so obsessed with smashing M&M towers?

I asked my wife how tall it was, she guessed 15. But this man realized that six was an impossible dream.

If you crush then first, that makes it much easier.

Melts in your ear and not in your hand.

"It's not something I would normally have taken the time to do - especially now that the sun is shining and the pubs are back open."

Right - he goes to visit a pub when the sun is shining. >rolls eyes<

When the cheese slides off their cracker, engineers attack. The fact they decided to smash an innocent tower of chocolate M&M's prove they need psychiatric therapy before they move on to bigger targets such as Snicker's and Hershey's bars with almonds.

The cheese was pushed.

Five. Five? Somehow, that doesn't stack up.

That’s it?

I was expecting ten or twenty feet.

Is there some arcane rule that says super glue cannot be involved? Asking for a friend.

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