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June 13, 2021


Americans don’t know where their national landmarks are — 1 in 5 thinks Niagara Falls is in Iceland!

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Only during the winter months.

Do the other four think it's NOT in Iceland?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If there was ever a zombie apocalypse, the poor creatures would have nothing to eat (couldn't find any brains).

I am not surprised, AT ALL. If they are not already holding public office, send these People Washington, NY.

Didn't Guam capsize?

Is this the same group that thinks Baja California is in the States and that New Mexico is a foreign country?

C'mon people. If it were in Iceland, it would be "Slowly I turned, step by step, centimeter by centimeter."

Silly Wabbit, of course it's not in Guam. Guam is not a real place. It's like Narnia, or Mar-a-Lago.

What about all the pop-up adds here we see for Guammerly?

Potentially life-saving correction:

Guam IS real. I am reminded that our own nursecindy has been there and assures me it is indeed a real place, so sorry.

Are you implying that while Guam is real, Nurse Cindy is somewhat other than that?


It's worse than that.
It's in Buffalo, NY.
Safer to drive to Iceland or Guam.

Oh where, oh where...

I have one wonderful memory of this song. 5th grade, 1965 or '66 a guy in my classroom got up in front of the class and sang this song. He even made facial gestures and movements of emotion like Frank Sinatra would, or perhaps like only Bobby Goldsboro could do. He sang right on never stopping once or to play the crowd. Everyone was laughing until we realized he was seriously considering becoming a pop singer. The next year the same guy drew one of the prettier girls in the class name to exchange valentine gifts with. He gave her this.

I was much more mature and gave my valentine life savers and thought I was going to have to propose right there on the spot.

Another Teenage Tragedy tune...


I don’t believe Iceland is real.

I want to share a picture I recently found searching around on the interwibble. I have mentioned my uncle was a pretty darned good country singer. He was loved around the small town bars He performed at to make a few extra bucks each week to feed his kids. He had many. I saw him perform from the time I was a kid. Yes, I was a regular at small town honky-tonks by the tender age of five. The name has been obscured, but the guitar on his gravestone give you an idea of just how good He was. No SRV, but anyway brought back a flood of memories to find this pic.

Where were we?

Growing up, I had a cousin who was a dead ringer for Mick. Square business.

He once asked my dad for a loan. My dad said to him, "Mick, I don't have much money, but yoiu are welcome to the ten dollars I have in my wallet."

Square B.

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