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June 30, 2021


Konami Announces Partnership With Bloober Team Amid Silent Hill Rumours


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Gee, gearing up for the next lockdown, I can hardly wait.

Don't click on it - it's a trap!

...and after the Bloober/Konami merger is completed, the new corporate entity will be called:


I'm certain The Blog knows this guy.

I think I took that language in college.

"Konami and Bloober at Silent Hill."
"Konami, his arms wide."
"Bloober, with sails unfurled."
"Silent Hill, when the walls fell."

Here is hoping the people involved know what they are doing. No one else even has a clue.

slow clap for @Burt.

WTG, Burt! Shaka, when the walls fell.

I took a Bloober to the airport this weekend.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal in Texas, and required in California.

@Burt Macklin: Well-played!!

How about:

"’Twas Konami, and the Bloober Team
Did gyre and gimble at Silent Hill..."

Bloobers are not to be trusted.
Believe me when I say this.

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