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June 09, 2021


Cattle that spend more time around humans have smaller brains

(Thanks to Mike B)


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In Texas, it's the other way around.

Sweet breeds, sweetbreads, let's just say they're bred that way.

Well, we didn't really domesticate them to have them think.

Unless farmers are depending on the cows to do their taxes, I don't see a problem.

Is that why they can't spell "chicken" correctly?

So we've progressed from all hat with no cattle to all cattle with no brains?

"The average brain size of cattle has shrunk as we have domesticated them, and their brains seem to get smaller the more time they spend around humans."

Which has always been my contention: Dogs have smaller brains than cats. Dogs are domesticated whereas cats are only socialized.

In related news, Republicans that spend time around Trump have smaller brains.

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