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June 17, 2021


Black Bear Spotted Performing Pole Dance Routine in New Hampshire

(Thanks to John W.)


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Nice clothesline. Haven't seen one of those in many years.

Was it the mazurka?

Well, wasn't that strangely arousing?

"New Hampshire Fish and Game Department also said black bears could be found in ten counties within the state."

Brilliant reporting, since New Hampshire has a total of ten counties.

Trying out for a " Showgirls " sequel ?

Needs implants.

Let's go with some serious waxing before we make any rash judgements about the need for implants.

Everyone needs a side gig nowadays.

I'm pretty sure that black bears would have problems with getting tenants if they invested in real estate

She'll have no trouble getting a job in northwest Dallas.

It looked like one of the poles was too big and the other was too small. Sounds "Goldie" will be tonight's headliner.

Meet her boyfriend, the bouncer.

*I was thrown out of a place my girlfriend worked at as a topless dancer by a bouncer who looked just like this. By thrown out, I mean picked up, tossed out the front door landing flat on my back in the gravel parking lot. No big thing. Just so you know, I am six feet tall flat on my back.

Writer's embellishment: The guy I punched out who had grabbed my by the nuts started the whole thing.

When I landed in the gravel I made this sound. May have been the bouncer, been a while. My memory is a little scratched up.

Gee, Yogi, the Ranger's definitely not gonna like that.

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