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June 12, 2021


Mrs. Blog and I saw these owls in the Everglades today. Does anybody know what brand of owl they are?

UPDATE: Consensus is they’re barred owls. Barred from what, I don’t know.



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They look like Barn Owls.


I would say barn owls.

Here is a blog with photos:

I think is is barred owl, not barn owl.

They look like Muriel cigar owls. Ask Edie. (What do you mean, I'm old?)

Whatever they are, they may be useful in helping to spot boa constrictors, especially if you later just see one owl.

Is that why you and Mrs. Blog are in the Everglades?

Barred owl. NOT barn owl, i believe....

I agree, Barred Owl: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barred_owl

Almost 100% certain those are Barred Owls. Absolutely 100% certain those are NOT Barn Owls.


I agree, barred owls. Perhaps where I come from people just called them barn owls not knowing there were also Barred owls. I have a cousin who, I am certain, would call them Johnny Cash and June Carter.

I Googled it and in Wikipedia they have a picture from John J Audubon of a Barred owl attacking a squirrel. So Barred owls are our friends.



If they have bands on them they might be White Owls, but given that it's south FL I'd expect you'd be more likely to encounter some brand of Cuban cigars.

Since you do have photos they're definitely spotted owls in the Everglades you said?

I've seen barred owls & snowy owls in the yard here in MA, but also in the winter, so perhaps they just like to avoid the tourist seasons? Kind of like the opposite definition of snowbird.

I've heard people say they wouldn't be surprised if one day, Dave ended up behind barrs. Here's photographic proof.


The bars one might most often expect to find Dave behind usually have an alley way. The bars in question here are the short vertical markings on their chest-feather areas, but don't fret about Dave, he's well known for telling the bouncer on his way out that he's "been thrown out of better places than this".

They used to be barn owls, but then they started drinking and became bar owls. Then they got into a bar fight and became barred owls.

The Burmese Python capturing contest runs from July 9th through July 18th in Florida. Dave must be scouting out the area he intends to hunt when the festivities begin.

Be careful around them. They are very territorial and have attacked a lot of people up here in the Pacific Northwest. Parks have been closed due to barred owl attacks.

Night owls around here can get pretty territorial too, especially if the bartender shuts them off.

They talk. Who who who who.

After the ABA realized how much they had been drinking, they both became disbarred owls.

It's a beautiful picture.

Barred Owls are often active in daylight, so they are more frequently seen than other species. They also have a wide variety of calls. I've had people tell me they heard monkeys. We don't have wild monkeys here in New Hampshire, except in the legislature.

They only come out at night. You were hallucinating.

They're definitely owls. Aside from that who gives a hoot?

So a "Hootenanny" is some owls nanny?

I was at an outdoor Shakespeare play and we heard "hoo hoo h-HOOH" which is as close as I can come to imitating a barred owl in This Blog. My companion, a birder, said "That's a barred owl." I thought she was making a Shakespeare ("The Bard") joke. Sadly, she was not.

p.s. Barred owls are much smaller than barn owls and look orangeish in some light. I know because one nailed a chickadee off my bird feeder one early evening and then came back three days straight to finish reducing it to chickadee feathers.

"hoo hoo h-HOOH' sounds a lot like "coo coo ca-choo" so maybe you heard a Beatle, but MT is the resident expert here on such matters.

Definitely Barred owls. We have the same here in coastal South Carolina.


1 on the lyrics but 10 on the choreography!


A street in our neighborhood is named Barred Owl. Every street is named for birds. Anyone ever hear of a Turnstone? I had to look it up.

I thought most owls do it in darkness.

Great lyrics. Especially if you want to keep yourself from going blind if your out with that certain woman. Hey, do it in darkness to keep yourself from going blind.

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