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June 20, 2021


Here's a column I wrote about us.


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Thanks, Dave.

And Happy Father's Day to you.


And a Happy Fother Muckers Day to all y'all.

Allow me to help with that old headline: "MH columnist squanders Pulitzer Prize in video games". Your welcome.

Happy Father's Day to Dave and all the blog dads.

I wish you a good nap and a good fart, not necessarily in that order.

Nice one, Dave. No wonder Rob was so happy.

Happy Father's Day.

As long as you don't get the same gift I once gave my father on Father's day, you're ahead of the game. What was it?

Chicken pox.

As Dave would say, ISIANMTU.

While I'm at it, let me just jump ahead and address all the holidays through the rest of the new year.

Happy Father's Day, etc. and may all your Christmas's be white.

As a Father's Day surprise, I imagine Rob driving up in the Wienermobile and offer to treat Dave to a hotdog lunch or dinner. Whether that happens, happy Father's Day, Dave, and to the rest of you fathers as well.

To all sons and daughters, be kind to us on fathers day. Without us you wouldn't be here.

Happy Father's Day to Dave and all of you blog dads.

Aw, Dave, that article is SO special!! As a mother, though, I must take issue with you on one point. I have twice set off the kitchen ceiling gas alarm by farting under it.

MH Respect.

Kudos to the Mad Hatter!

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