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June 19, 2021


Man arrested after driving wrong way in Burger King drive-thru

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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In his defense Florida Man, was in Kentucky and just trying to blend in with the locals, by drinking bourbon flavored mouthwash while parking a tractor trailer in the drive-thru lane.


So, amazingly, alcohol...etc.?

Pharmaross's Link

I enjoy pharmaross's links and especially so the music they often lead to. I most often use Chrome to view the link quickly and easily by holding down the mouse and highlighting pharmaross's link. Then right click on the highlighted link and choose 'go to youtube link...etc.' Using Firefox, highlight the link and choose 'open link'

The music is great. Don't miss out.


If you followed my instructions, you would have ended up here.

The guitarist is Ron Sachs, the best guitar teacher I ever had by far. Ron taught me if I want to learn a song, just learn and play it and forget all the technical crap you are beating yourself up with. Best advice ever. Ron owns Mirror Image Studios or He did, not sure if he still does. Great place to have your eardrums damaged. Really, Ron is a freak. A freaking great guitar player and guitar teacher deluxe. The same man who made my custom Paul Reed Smith made Ron's Flying V he is playing in that video. A complete coincidence we both knew the guitar maker and at different times. Ron loved my Paul Reed Smith. Said it was one the top three guitars he has ever played!

Or, if he had any consideration for the rest of us, he would just provide a REAL link.

Just sayin'.

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