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June 29, 2021


Get a snake.

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Note: We’re referring to the second video, not the first one, which shows (ho hum) a guy removing a python from a car in Australia.


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What a gift! Even at our worst (or perhaps best), I’m sure few of us have been able to clear a room so well by our mere presence.

Got rat? Get snake!

Soon all new housing built in Australia will require snake portals in every living space along smoke detectors & CO alarms.

Adding another problem to get shed of one is no answer. It always works best to set the house on fire, collect the insurance money and buy another pest-free house. Or so a friend told me.

My husband was staying at a hotel in Taiwan, where he noticed the doors did not quite reach all the way down to the floor. In the middle of the night he learned why. It was to let the rats escape.

People think this is funny. Wait until this happens in Miami with a python.

Perhaps a toilet snake made that building fall.

Many of the people in my neighborhood started keeping chickens. Most were surprised to learn that with chickens come rats. At least in these parts. Luckily the big black king snake population has flourished so we have something of an equilibrium. I am not a big fan of snakes, but I like rats less. I’ll put up with the snakes. Especially if my neighbors keep giving me eggs.

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