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June 12, 2021


Naples man calls 911 about McDonald’s order & says he has cocaine ‘in his butt’

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Crack cocaine no doubt.

"How'd the cocaine get in your butt?"

"Search me?"

Thankfully, the video couldn't be found.

This is why I always use the drive-thru although it seems logical that perhaps he really didn't want to be seated especially if he was transporting some of those Cape Canaveral bricks. In his defense, there's nothing worse than a cold hamburger, especially if you've got a brick of coke shoved up your arse.

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The guy sure didn't get his way....got his burger order wrong twice, thought he was supposed to get cocaine in his posterior but instead got marijuana in his napkin. This does indeed happen all too often of course.

That's not where the special sauce is supposed to go.

I miss my ER days when a drunk or drug addict would come in, shackled to a stretcher, while shaking their little fingers in my face and telling me they were going to have my job. If they'd asked nicely I probably would have let them have it.

@ J.Curtis - Right. They'll give us something to place in your posterior, quite in keeping with this thread. Nice move, Ex-Lax!

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