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June 27, 2021


A 43-year-old Florida woman is facing domestic battery charges after hitting her boyfriend with a plate of chicken.

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert, who says “If they were eating ribs, he’d be dead.”)


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Never mention how a woman might need a gym membership when she's getting ready to eat homemade fried chicken. She might want to look into some anger management classes too.

In her defense, the local Chick-fil-A was closed at the time.

Graciously, she didn't pull her AKFC-47.

I only say that because women with dark roots are known to carry.

Just wait until Thanksgiving when she finishes the job with a frozen turkey.

KFC is moving to only serve wings from one side.

It’s a vast right wing conspiracy.

Hey, the chicken was cooked, right? And it was a paper plate. So what's the big deal? If I had a dollar for every time... uh, never mind.

Incredibly, the Florida Man from the '16K tip thread' has come here only to be hit in the face with a plate of chicken by his ex-girlfriend. See how I did that. So, He says, "I was on the bridge to better days, called my GF, get hit with the plate of chicken and I remain all tore down.

BTW the waiter depicted in this ongoing saga is an albino. I want to mention, I once found a $20 bill stuck in a square of a cyclone fence. I didn't loose my GF over it because I was only ten.

There is a rumor circulating that Chuck E. Cheese's and KFC were merging. It appears this rumor is true and we may have more avenues to enjoy the fights

Kentucky Entertainment Cheezy Chicken?

I thought it was the chicken pieces that were supposed to be battered.

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