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June 19, 2021


A Sask. couple was caught having sex on someone else’s lawn. Then they started throwing rocks

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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As predicted by Bob Dylan, "Everyone must get stoned!"

I was going with a "may as well shred the bill of rights" rant when I saw it occurred in Canada so, Never Mind.

Hey, it's understandable. Wait until they're finished, for crying out loud! They're not hurting your lawn.

Jeff: One of them may have even been seeding the lawn.

They were just getting their rocks off.


The complainant failed to mention a third man, possibly the gardener, was in on the early action.

A recently identified Sask claims to have seen the whole episode, start to finish, and was just missed by a heavy rock.

They should have just turned the garden hose on them. It's humane and works on dogs.

Having a tryst on a a rocky lawn doesn't sound like the best idea, but I suppose it's better than ending up with a prolapsed rectum.

I’ve been to Saskatoon a few times. There is nothing to do there during evenings, and the weather last few days is in the90’s. So I understand the couple.

A real Canadian would have just mowed around them and then apologized for the interruption.

In their defense, they were just getting off on his lawn, just like he asked them to, and helping him get his rocks off was just a-boot saying thank you.

The lawnkeeper apparently thinks Sask sex sucks.

How is this not Florida?

Unh... who was throwing the rocks? the actors or the audience.. ?

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