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June 16, 2021


Salma Hayek Reveals Her Pet Owl Once Coughed Up A Hairball On Harry Styles’ Head

(Thanks to AmoebaStampede)


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Who, and who?

If you care, please get a life immediately.

I would find François-Henri Pinault much less offensive if He could correctly spell Henry.

The very definition of a barred owl if ever there was one.

"We interrupt this national emergency warning of incoming missiles to update you on the condition of Salma Hayek's owl after it coughed up that nasty hairball."

This makes me hope for an "Animals of Harry Potter" pooper blooper reel.

Hair Club charges a lot for that.

She should get some kittens too.

Salma Hayek has mouse toes?

How the mighty have fallen.

Are all actors crazy or is this something they teach them in acting school? If so, she must have been at the top of her acting class.

Owl pellets are easy to clean up. Owl poop is much worse. Owls do not make good house pets.

Salma Hayek -->
A shaky meal
Aha elk yams
Has lame yak
Lama has key
Shake ya lam
Ay lake hams

Harry Styles -->
Arrest shyly
Trashy lyres
Salty sherry

Owls, schmowls. We're still waiting for the update on her talking boobs TV project. Not the right venue I guess.

I don't give a hoot about Harry. Had Mr. Owl instead hocked up lunch on Tom Cruise, the grateful world should celebrate with parades and fireworks.

In the immortal words of Beach Boys from the Bad Song Survey, "Since you let me down, there's been owls pooping in my bed."

He must have been invited up to her room to see her etchings and pet her owl.

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