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June 23, 2021


Robots may soon be able to reproduce

(Thanks to Bob Pert)


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I always wondered why they were spending so much time & effort on sex robots.

Big deal, Shoggoths could that eons ago.

If robots evolve the ability to reproduce and potentially evolve, why would humans be needed. Perhaps there is a message here our scientists are overlooking?

I always thought Rosie the Robot on The Jetsons looked a little frisky.

wanderer, remember that Rosie did have a boyfriend, Henry Orbit's helper Mac.

Self-reproducing robots? What could possibly go wrong?

Didn't the Reproducing Robots open for the Sex Pistols?

That's all I need: Roomba groaning in the closet with the coffee maker saying " Push ! Push ! ".

Robot pick up lines:
"Hey, baby. Wanna go somewhere private and reformat?"
"Ooh, come over here and burn my e-prom."
"You can compress my files anytime, tiger."
"Is that your docking station or are you just happy to see me?"

Robot gossip
"He says he's 25, but he still has a floppy drive."
"Things were going fine, but then I got the 401 Not Found error."
"He's cute, but his hard drive's a bit small, IYKWIM."

Kudos to MOTW!
All I could think of was how unfair it is that robots are reproducing and I can't even get a date.

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