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June 17, 2021


Awkward Instagram Beauty Trend: Hairy Nails

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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It’s really entertaining pathetic to see what crazy stuff people do for online attention.

Fixed that for you.

When it comes to fingernails I much prefer the bald look, but on the plus side at least she didn't go with nail double mustaches.

Ron White had it right: "You can't fix stupid."

How do the wipe their butts?

Wormtail (of Harry Potterverse) started the trend.

Mr. Bill, I'd say they've gone paperless with that activity.

More proof we need to check and recheck what is in some peoples drinking water.

Mr. Bill, several years ago I visited an aunt in Georgia who asked a checkout girl that very question. Her answer was "Very carefully".
btw, I'm going to take everybody's word for how they look because I am NOT clicking on that link.

Snork @ nursecindy!

btw, once when I was obviously pregnant, I went to the drugstore and bought several bottles of nail polish. The checkout girl took one look at me and my purchases and said, "That's probably the only fun you get in your condition."

Is a full moon involved?

I saw Hairy Nails open at Ultra.

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