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June 30, 2021


CA news crew held up at gunpoint — during interview with anti-violence official

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Oh the humanity. They siphoned $18m from police and funneled it to the Department for Violence Prevention. The news crew hired an armed security guard for the interview.
The article ends by saying the number of homicides (arguably defined as violence) is twice what it was at this time last year.
Getting paid $18m for increasing homicides sounds like a mob's dream.

Proof the chief knew what he was talking about.

Welp, that beats what happened at a place where I used to work, when a shouting match broke out between co-workers in a workshop on how to get along better with your co-workers. Frankly I think they should have just let us have a big food fight every month or two and get it out of our systems.

Armed robbers. You've got to hand it to them.

Department of Violence Prevention, an effort by Oakland officials to back alternatives to policing.

The actual transcript of a recent call I made to police. I'm in CA. Note: The following is not actul.

"Hello, this is the Police department."

"Yes, I think we will need some assistance with some bad looking individuals hanging around the business property."

"What do you mean bt 'bad looking'?

"They look like they were just turned loose from the penitentiary."

"Ok, how many of them are their."

"Right now maybe 60 or 70. there were more, I saw several of them running up and down the alley tryting to buy drugs."

"How do you know they were trying to buy drugs?"

"I saw white smoke coming f4rom a glass pipe they were hitting on then passing around."

"Are you there now?"

"No, I have about 400 security cameras and can see them very well."

"Do they have any weapons?"

"I don't see any, but there are several partially clad women laying in the corner with maybe a dozen or so large men blocking my view from what may be a sexual assault."

"Do they appear to be homeless?"

"Well the women don't have any nightgowns and bedroom slippers, so yeah."

"Ok, hold and I put in touch with our alternative policing people.

"Ok, but you really should send the coops, these people look pretty rough."

*pause while my call is being transfered*

"Howdy, my name is Jeff Pettree I'll be assisting you today, I'm with the alternative policing people, what seems to be the problem, we can talk about it."

"Are you going to send a social worker and a van full of trainees over here."

"Yes, that's what we do."

"Don't bother, the people on the property are thugs, hardened criminals and they are smoking meth. I am making plans to call the FBI."

"Oh yeah, well sounds like the situation may be a little out of our alternative policing capabilities."

Writer's embellishment. Elected officials in CA are insane.

People in California are eating too many foods from the disgusting museum menu. Maybe even hakari and cuy which could have the tendency to cause these side effects. Rod knows.

Well, when the police are 100% defunded, crime will drop to 0. No arrests, no speeding tickets, nothing in the stores...it will be a return to nature...what the 60's hippies wanted.

So a news bite, took a bite out of crime? It appears that the news crew could use a canine. May I suggest they name him "McGruff".

Spock staring intently at the view scope: "Captain, we are witnessing a rare example of a retrograde area of once intelligent life called 'California'."

Captain Kirk: "Is there any chance the contamination will spread?"

"Not at this time, Captain, if they continue this trend, them throwing rocks and hitting people with sticks presents minimal risk."

"Yes, Mister Spock, if this madness continues even the Nerdians can invade, even though they may not want the place after the natives trash it."

Mister Spock: "Captain, I suggest we leave this planet to it's fate and set course for Vulcan. It's pon-far time."

"Make it so, Mr. Spock."

^5 to Le Petomane!

seconds ^5 for Le Petomane!

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