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June 15, 2021


Olympic hopeful Shelby Houlihan blames burrito for positive steroid test

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Looks like the poppy seed bagels got off scot free this time.

I will wait to see what Ralph has to say on how much pork offal would need to be consumed before the androgen reached sufficient levels to trigger a positive result on this test.

Rhetorical question: Who puts pork offal in their burritos?

I've eaten burritos that have made me run fast - very fast - so I understand where the committee is coming from.

Waiting for the double-decker Pig Offal Chalupa from Taco Bell.

I liked her in MASH. So she's in for 2021? But the severity of her punishment could keep her out of the 2024 games? Where's Col. Blake when you need him?

Music suggestion for her ear pods.


All these years & I never realized that Hot-lips Houlihan got here nickname from the hot sauce that she put on her burritos.

There are rules to eating both Mexican or Chinese food off of a truck.

(1) Never ask what kind of meat it contains
(2) If you have more questions always refer to rule (1)

Apparently the livers of uncastrated boars can be high enough in nandrolone concentrations to cause people eating it to far exceed the anti-doping limits.

I personally never ate such an offal burrito or sausage a test result.

Do Olympians still have to pass the Eye-watering Methane Test ?

Only those attending the Dutch oven tryouts.

Pigs are 'roiding up? It would explain the size of some of the feral hogs around here.

Maybe it was her secret for jet propulsion in track racing. Blowing the competition away, as it were.

Thank you .. I'll be here all week.

That burrito sounds absolutely offal.

Shelby Houlihan -->
Huh, lonely sahib
Hey banish hullo
Hey hash bullion
Oh bullish hyena
Hi ho anus by hell
Shh you bean hill
Bully in shoe, huh

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