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June 10, 2021


People Want NASA’s Mars Rover to Fight the Chinese Mars Rover

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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It would be great if all wars (cold or hot) could be fought that way.

I'd rather watch them try to square dance.

Can't we all just get a wong?

Friend of MT - There you go... Hope you’re happy.

We want to bring you this update on the fight between NASA's Mars Rover and the Chinese Mars Rover.


Video here.

Our apologies, now we have that video, Let's try it again, We want tro remind yoy, *WARNING*: THIS VIDEO MAY BE DISTURBING FOR SOME TO WATCH.

Do we have that video?

In other news, The White House says jet lag may affect Biden's performance in England but assures the nation within a day or two he'll be back up to 40%. Our Entertainment reporter is reporting this story, Failed Reagan assassin John Hinckley is pursuing a new career as a singer/ songwriter. He hopes to become famous enough someday to be shot by Mark David Chapman.


Weren't they both built in Hong Kong?

Considering that both robots are constructed with materials whose characteristics are similar to tin foil and pixie stix, on first contact both will be reduced to scrap. Producing the first sh!t pile on Mars.
Thus ensuring the future nations of Earths future explorers will be drawn to the site to try to determine why this occurred.

I don't think the Martians will like it very much if we go to war with China on their planet. They might decide to let us know of their irritation. This might not turn out too well.

They are going to mate, and populate Mars with little AIs.

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