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June 11, 2021


Scientists celebrate Inverte-Butt-Fest, a photographic homage to spineless backsides

(Thanks to John W., who says “Should we be worried about scientists?”)


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I was expecting a photo of Congress.

What about flatworms and some other invertebrates which have only one opening (mouth/anus combo) and don't have butts? Do they get a celebration day?

Scientists really know how to play CYA better than anyone so now we can all have a better understanding of what Fauci means when he says trust the science.

“They bring us all joy.”

Clearly the same scientists who have been studying the effects of LSD.

Now wondering where the lobster researchers were inserting the vape pipes.

We at Massive have a soft spot for butts. We, in fact, dedicated a whole month to them.
These scientists really need to get a hobby.

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