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June 27, 2021


A customer left a $16,000 tip after ordering some hot dogs, chips and a few drinks

(Thanks to EricY)


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Meanwhile, some of us quibble over whether to include the tax amount as we calculate our 20% tip.

Anybody who can afford to pay $35.00 for two hotdogs probably doesn't think twice about a $16,000 tip.

If only the tip was worth that kind of money, what was it the tip to, and what was that worth?

Usually that kind of a tip involves stumbling out of a titty bar.

After several unsuccessful dialing attempts, Joe Biden called and suggested donating the tip to Black Looks Matter would be a, "nice very just tour."

Writer's embellishment:

"Oh, Come on man!"

Trump is speaking live to a huge crowd in Florida about the tip now. Catch it if you have Australian TV.

The Stumble Inn has karaoke.

Use your imagination. One of the four staff members who shared the tip, a 21 year old Florida Man, blew his share on booze, drugs and a hooker who his girlfriend caught him having 'hooker' sex with, leaving left him on the spot. The next day the guy was recovering from a headache which seemingly stretched from Miami to Pensacola while putting on some music and thinking of a bridge to better days to gather his thoughts about losing his girlfriend.

Imagination. The guy who left the tip has more than He needs.

man tom, no offense but.....shut up, or at least try to stay on topic. I like the fact this is usually a politics-free zone.

It was most likely an engineer from Solihull who left the tip. We know their elevators don't go to the top floor and some of them must feel a need to atone for their chocolate smashing sins.
Bully good for the waitresses however.

Not that much in BTC.

Back in the '70s I was waitressing at a nightmare of a restaurant, where the bill for a table of four was around $10. At the end of one particularly busy night, with the rest of the tables in the room stacked high with dirty dishes, the man paying a $10.87 bill wrote a check for $20.87. When I asked, "Didn't you make a mistake?" he replied quietly, "No, I didn't." It was the largest tip anyone had ever made on a table for four.

The largest tip I ever gave was $300. Not for food. And not for what you are thinking, either.

The best tip I ever Got was "Go West young man". And here I am in New Zealand.

It's Sunday night and I thought The Blog might enjoy seeing this. What better time?

Man tom: first time I've seen a shovel used as an axe! Also, why call it a "shovel" guitar? Are they afraid to call a spade a spade?
And: what's "'hooker' sex", and how does it differ from the usual variety?

Was it Devine intervention? Of course it was.

The other day I took notice of this tool being used by a man doing some work on our lawn. I liked the function of the tool as a digging instrument and thought next time I'm at Home Depot I'm going to check it out. So a week or so later I'm at Home Depot and found the tool but thought it was a bit expensive and passed on buying one.

A week or so later I'm out in front of our building cleaning up around the hedges and I see a handke sticking out of the bushes. I reach in the bushes, grasp the handle and pull out to my astonishment, the exact tool, used of course, I had looked at at Home Depot a week earlier.

Man tom: Old English joke: Q - How do you confuse an Irishman? A - Take him into a room full of shovels and tell him to take his pick.

The Real Barry - The luck of the Irish is real. So much so, I envy the Irish. And with passion.

My Divine intervention spade.

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